Dr Who Extra - Three Days

July 18, 2018

Dr Who Series One: Extra: Three Days.

A five minute bonus scene.

After a nightmare experience surving on the streets, Julia Shahid is finally reunited with the Doctor - but is the Doctor in any position to help?

Stars K Woo as The Doctor
Fazia Rizvi as Julia
Directed by Valina Cutler

Doctor Who Series 1 Story 1: Widen Your Gaze: Chapter 3 - Marching As To War

January 11, 2018

Welcott prepares to march his undead army to 1950's England, to wage war against the Establishment. VTI Security Forces have been ordered to destroy The Space, and all the colonists living there. Julia Shahid is losing her mind. And the Doctor is finally opening her eyes to what's  going on.



The Doctor ... K. Woo

Julia Shahid ... Valina Cutler

Welcott ... Joe J. Thomas 

Fair Hair/Soul ... Justin Fife

Lupez ... Lisa Michaud

Selina ... Fazia Rizvi

Cruz ... Al Gordon


Written by Vince Stadon

Doctor Who logo by John Callaghan

Art by Valina Cutler

Many thanks to freesound.org


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Doctor Who Extra 1: About The Doctor

December 20, 2017

Merry Christmas from Afternoon Tea Adventures!

As a little special extra, we are proud to present a letter from Julia Shahid to her younger sister, in which she sets down some of her thoughts about her friend, that mysterious adventurer in Space and Time known only as The Doctor...

(This a PDF file)

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102 Doctor Who Series 1 Story 1: Widen Your Gaze: Chapter 2 - The White Light Divine

December 7, 2017

Chapter Two: The White Light Divine

As the Doctor sets a very dangerous trap, Julia finds herself in a strange empty place where madmen tell their stories, and there's a ghost in the machine.


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Doctor Who Series 1 Story 1: Widen Your Gaze: Chapter 1 - The Ghost Train

November 23, 2017

Chapter One: The Ghost Train

The Doctor and Julia are being followed by something inexplicable and inhuman, and in a deserted station along a lonely coastal railway line a ghost train is waiting for them.


Doctor Who Series 1 Trailer 3: New Ways of Thinking

November 5, 2017

A new Doctor Who series will soon be here -  but while we wait, meet the Doctor: she likes to think differently.

Doctor Who Series 1 Trailer 2: Found

October 29, 2017

It will soon be time for tea. And for a new Doctor, a new approach, and new adventures. But first, meet Julia.

Dr Who Series 1 - Trailer 1: Call Box

October 20, 2017

Thrilling adventures in space and time, coming soon from Afternoon Tea Adventures